When I first joined the Knot, and I discovered that they had this Hall of Fame award. I told myself that I was going to get it. In order to do that I had to win the Best of Weddings award for 4 years. Every year that was my goal and this year I managed to do it! I am so excited! I can't wait to see what we will accomplish in 2020! Thank you to all the couples over the years that I have photographed this was a group effort! 

This put us in another local news article as well! Much thanks to Benitolink!


Lisa Robinson Photography makes The Knot Best of Weddings list for 2020



The trend continues as we were blessed with excellent clients and we earned the Knot's 2019 Best of Weddings and 2020 Best of Weddings and none of that would be possible if we didn't have these beautiful and kind couples to work with. Thank you to everyone who was subjected to my lens these last 2 years!


                 This year we have been extremely fortunate to receive The Knot's Best of weddings 2018 award, and we've had several acknowledgments on the Huffington Post as well! Check out the latest!

Best Wedding Photos of 2017 

    33 Emotional LGBT Wedding photos



         In late 2017 we had a local article on Benitolink. Thank you to Becky Bonner-Leland for the interview. It was a fun experience.


          Local Photographer Gains National Recognition


In 2015 we not only received the 2015 Best of weddings award from the Knot, we also welcomed our daughter, Anora. I managed to capture her birth and it went viral, sites like Bored Panda, The Today Show, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, etc. picked it up. It was really quite amazing.


Photographer Mom documents her own delivery in a series of stunning photos 


In 2016 we shot our first destination wedding in Greece and the photos were featured on Huffington Post! 

18 Wedding Photos that will give you major wanderlust!