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Guestbook for Anora's arrival
Gail R.(non-registered)
Congratulations from Pennsylvania! Beautiful photos of your precious baby and family, and thank you for sharing them. A real pleasure to enjoy GOOD news.
Liz V non-registered(non-registered)
Anora is darling , She appears to be very happy and content. She looks to be saying "thanks mom , a job well done !" in the last photograph :)
Dana H(non-registered)
Your photos are fabulous. All through a mother's eyes. Truly a cool photo album of your birth experience. (Where's the agony pic? lol) Thank you for sharing.
Gail G "Omma"(non-registered)
We videotaped all 5 of our births. Your photos are just beautiful...but then, you have a beautiful subject!what a head of hair!! Good luck, mama...enjoy!
Diane Solomon - Tennessee(non-registered)
Your photos will be a treasure for your beautiful daughter, you and your husband. The joy you both show when she comes into the outside world is so beautiful.... You are very fortunate to have decided to do this and I applaud you for letting all of us share in this wonderful and joyous occasion...thank you so very much and God bless you all.
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