2015 Best of Weddings Award!

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We've had an amazing year! We had 30 amazing couples tie the knot this season, we won the Knots' Best of Weddings award, celebrated our own 1st wedding anniversary, and Alec won his first solo award. We owe the Best of Weddings honor to our awesome couples and the wonderful reviews we've received from them! So a BIG thank you to our wonderful couples. We've compiled some of our favorite highlights from the year, and hope you enjoy!


Bride and her bridesmaids posing in front of old white brick wall at Santa Clara Mission Church.bride-bridesmaids-wall-wedding-photography-santa-clara-mission-church

This old mission wall made a great divider so we could take the groom's shots on the other side without him seeing his bride.


Bride fighting back tears during wedding ceremony at Monterey Whaling Station Adobe.bride-crying-wedding-photography-whaling-station-adobe

A bride pauses to remember all the family members that attended in spirit.


Bride and groom facing one another on balcony over downtown San Francisco street lights at Elks Lodge.bride-groom-balcony-evening-street-wedding-photography-elks-lodge-san-francisco

The city lights and architecture blended perfectly with the couple's elegant look.


Bride and groom kissing on the dance floor during their wedding reception at Sequoyah Country Club.bride-groom-kiss-dancefloor-wedding-photography-reception-sequoyah-country-club

Caught this candid newly-wed smooch on the dance floor at Sequoyah Country Club.


Young bride and groom pose on white Victorian balcony surrounded by vines with purple blossoms at The Seasons Bed & Breakfast in Placerville.bride-groom-balcony-flowers-wedding-photography-the-seasons-bed-and-breakfast

We met them first as guests at her brother's wedding, then got to shoot their own wedding eight months later!


Bride and groom relax and kiss after ceremony with bouquet in foreground.bride-groom-bouquet-kiss-wedding-photography

It was really sweet that they took some quiet time alone right after their ceremony to take everything in.


Bride and groom exiting ceremony while guests blow bubbles at Santa Clara Mission Churchbride-groom-bubble-exit-wedding-photography-santa-clara-mission-church

Exiting to bubbles rather than rice is better for so many reasons.


Bride and groom kissing on dance floor during their wedding reception at Chaminade Resort & Spa.bride-groom-kissing-dancefloor-reception-wedding-photography-chaminade-resort-and-spa

Cutting-in to kiss his new wife on the dance floor.


Hands of bride and groom interlaced after wedding; bride wearing red sari.bride-groom-hands-interlaced-indian-american-wedding-photography

A beautiful representation of a couple from two different cultures joining together as one.


Bride and groom holding two iPhones together with photos from each phone kissing before wedding at Chaminade Resort & Spa.bride-groom-kissing-iphone-wedding-photography

This spur-of-the-moment shot ended up being one of my favorites.


Bride and groom country line dancing with guests at their wedding reception at Highland Park in Ben Lomond.bride-groom-linedance-wedding-photography-reception-highland-park-ben-lomond

Nothing like a little country line dancing to get the party started!


Bride and groom sitting on wood porch floor after wedding ceremony at Redwood City Hall.bride-groom-sitting-wooden-porch-wedding-photography-redwood-city

Taking a break after their elopement at city hall in Redwood City.


Bride and groom leaving to a sparkler send off after their wedding reception at Saratoga Mountain Winery.bride-groom-sparkler-send-off-wedding-photography-reception-saratoga-mountain-winery

Sparklers made for a great send-off that night at Saratoga Mountain Winery.


Bride and groom kissing on sidewalk, her flowing veil blowing in the breeze in downtown San Francisco.bride-groom-kissing-veil-wedding-photography-downtown-san-francisco

Taking advantage of a windy day in San Francisco.


Bride and groom looking up from below stairway after wedding ceremony.bride-groom-stairs-waving-wedding-photography

The couple makes their getaway just after being pronounced husband and wife.


Bride and groom looking into each other's eyes after wedding elopement ceremony with dome ceiling in background at San Francisco City Hall.bride-groom-underneath-dome-wedding-photography-san-francisco-city-hall

San Francisco City Hall is a stunning location for an elopement.


Bride dancing with groom and guests in background, colorful dj lights flashing during reception at Sequoyah Country Club.bride-guests-dancing-wedding-photography-reception-sequoyah-country-club

Plenty of room to dance at Sequoyah Country Club.


Bride and groom kissing in golf cart after wedding ceremony at Rancho Canada Golf Club in Carmel.bride-groom-kissing-golf-cart-wedding-photography-rancho-canada-golf-club

The staff at Rancho Canada Golf Club were kind enough to lend the couple a golf cart for this shot.


Mother helping smiling bride get ready before wedding at The Seasons Bed & Breakfast in Placerville.bride-mother-getting-ready-pink-room-wedding-photography-the-seasons-bed-and-breakfast

The Seasons Bed & Breakfast was a perfect place to shoot this beautiful bride getting ready.


Bride in vineyard resting head on groom's shoulder from behind at Casa Real Ruby Hill Winery.bride-on-groom-shoulder-vineyard-wedding-photography-casa-real-ruby-hill-winery

Taking advantage of the Grape vines in the spring at Casa Real Ruby Hill Winery.


Brides smiling and crying during speech during wedding reception at The Pavilion at Redwood Estates.brides-cry-laugh-wedding-photography-toast-the-pavilion-at-redwood-estates

Someone is always guaranteed to cry during the speeches.


Funny photo of brides kissing with redwoods in background at The Pavilion at Redwood Estates.brides-kiss-wedding-photography-the-pavilion-at-redwood-estates

An endearing use of duckface at The Pavilion at Redwood Estates.


Bride tightening knot during outdoor wedding ceremony at Old Whaling Station Adobe.bride-tying-knot-ceremony-wedding-photography-whaling-station-adobe

Tightening the true-lover's knot at their nautical-themed wedding at The Old Whaling Station Adobe.


Cute smiling flower girl standing with bridesmaids during outdoor wedding ceremony at River House in Ben Lomond.cute-flowergirl-with-bridesmaids-ceremony-wedding-photography-riverhouse-ben-lomond

This little sweetie was so well-behaved during this ceremony at The Riverhouse in Ben Lomond.


surprised father's first look at bride before wedding ceremony at Chaminade Resort & Spa.father-bride-first-look-wedding-photography-chaminade-resort-and-spa

Love the look of surprise on her dad's face.


Bride and groom kissing after outdoor wedding ceremony with guests and ocean in background at Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa.bride-groom-kiss-outdoor-wedding-photography-monterey-plaza-hotel-and-spa

Oceanside ceremony at Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa.


Smiling father giving away bride at outdoor wedding ceremony at Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa.father-giving-away-bride-wedding-photography-monterey-plaza-hotel-and-spa

Cute moment as dad gives away his daughter.


Bride and groom kissing with guests and setting sun in background during outdoor Napa wedding reception ,bride-groom-kissing-outdoor-summer-wedding-reception-photography

Outdoor reception on the hottest day of the year in Napa.


Funny bridal party hiding behind eucalyptus trees wearing animal masks before wedding at Curiodyssey,funny-bridal-party-animal-masks-eucalyptus-wedding-photography-curiodyssey

The groomsmen hit up the gift shop before taking photos at Curiodyssey.


Funny bride poking out underneath other bride's dress at The Pavilion at Redwood Estates.funny-brides-photo-wedding-photography-the-pavilion-at-redwood-estates

Always good to take a few silly shots to loosen everyone up!


Smiling groom holding beer and hugging guest during wedding reception at Hazlwood.groom-guest-hug-beer-wedding-photography-reception-photography

Party time at Hazlwood in Los Gatos.


Smiling groom lifted and high-fiving friends during horah at wedding reception at Curiodyssey. groom-lifted-horah-wedding-photography-reception-curiodyssey

Our first horah. We had no idea how lively it gets!


Groomsman waiting outside with cigarette and coffee before wedding ceremony at Sequoyah Country Club.groomsman-smoking-pool-wedding-photography-sequoyah-country-club

Groomsman fueling up before the ceremony.


Funny groomsmen cuddling on each other's shoulders in front of stone wall at downtown San Francisco wedding.groomsmen-cuddle-wedding-photography-san-francisco

Groomsmen showing the softer side.


Groomsmen laughing during outdoor wedding ceremony amidst redwood trees at Hazlwood in Los Gatos.groomsmen-laughing-wedding-photography-ceremony-redwoods-hazlwood

A guests cell phone went off mid-ceremony. Their ringtone: "Sexy and I Know It".


Funny groom and groomsmen sitting on stairs with socks pulled up before wedding ceremony at Chaminade Hotel & Spa.groomsmen-sitting-stairs-wedding-photography-chaminade-resort-spa

Groomsmen showing off their spiffy socks.


Cute ring bearer smiling at camera during wedding ceremony at Sequoyah Country Club.ring-bearer-smiling-wedding-photography-sequoyah-country-club

Little guy was full of smiles and a great sport all day long.


Smiling guests dancing during wedding reception at The Club at Crazy Horse Ranch.guests-dancing-wedding-reception-photography-the-club-at-crazy-horse-ranch

The dancing never stopped at The Club at Crazy Horse Ranch.


Inside huddle looking up at groomsmen before outdoor wedding ceremony at Chaminade Resort & Spa.inside-groomsmen-huddle-wedding-photography-chaminade-resort-and-spa

Pre-game huddle before the ceremony.


Bride laughing on dance floor before bouquet toss with guests in background during wedding reception.laughing-bride-bouquet-toss-wedding-photography-reception

You can already tell who caught the bouquet.


Surprised and smiling bridesmaids get first look at bride before wedding ceremony.black-white-bridesmaids-first-look-wedding-photography-napa-vineyard

The bridesmaids get their first look at the bride.


Cute ring bearer outside of window while woman smiling from inside at Sequoyah Country Club.ring-bearer-smiling-window-wedding-photography-reception-sequoyah-country-club

Caught a rare candid moment between these two.


Bride and groom holding hands during sunny outdoor wedding ceremony amid palm trees at Monterey Beach Party.sunny-beach-wedding-photography-ceremony-palm-trees-monterey-beach-party

Perfect weather for a beach wedding in Monterey.


Elegant wedding dress and blue bridesmaid dresses hanging in front of sunlit window.wedding-dress-hanging-window-photography

Pre-ceremony details.


Toddler walks to bride to give hug after wedding ceremony at Santa Clara Mission Church.baby-walking-to-bride-wedding-photography-santa-clara-mission-church

Little one comes up to bride for a congratulatory hug.


Beautiful bride putting on earrings before wedding ceremony at St. Claire Hotel in San Jose.black-white-bride-getting-ready-wedding-photography-st.-claire-hotel

Getting ready at St. Claire hotel in San Jose.


Bridal party cheering after outdoor wedding ceremony at Pulgas Water Temple in Woodside.bridal-party-funny-pose-wedding-photography-pulgas-water-temple

Cheering the newlyweds at Pulgas Water Temple.


Bridal part jumping in middle of street at cannery row after wedding ceremony in Monterey.bridal-party-jumping-street-wedding-photography-cannery-row

Celebrating in the street on Cannery Row in Monterey.


Groom dipping bride and kissing her with bridal party and cupid's span in background in San Francisco.bridal-party-sunset-cupid-span-wedding-photography-san-francisco

Putting Cupid's Span to good use.


Bridesmaids wearing floral dresses with bride before outdoor wedding ceremony at Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa.bride-bridesmaids-floral-dresses-wedding-photography-monterey-plaza-hotel-and-spa

Girl-time right before the ceremony.


Smiling bride getting ready in mirror with bridesmaids before wedding at Casa Real Ruby Hill Winery.bride-bridesmaids-getting-ready-mirror-wedding-photography-casa-real-ruby-hill-winery

Last minute makeup check.


Bride and bridesmaids wearing floral robes and jumping on bed at Fairmont Hotel before wedding.bride-bridesmaids-jumping-bed-wedding-photography-fairmont-hotel-san-jose

Pre-wedding giddiness getting the best of this group of ladies.


Beautiful laughing bride during ceremony with redwoods and bridesmaids in background at Hazlwood in Lost Gatos.bride-bridesmaids-laughing-wedding-photography-ceremony-redwoods-hazlwood

A ceremony full of laughter.















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